Is this the rarest honey on Earth?

Is this the rarest honey on Earth?

To most people honey is just another spread on the supermarket shelf, nestled somewhere between the jams and peanut butter. But not this honey. 

For a start, this honey comes from Kangaroo Island, a pristine, GM free, bee sanctuary 13 kilometres off the coast of South Australia. 

Kangaroo Island is the oldest bee sanctuary in the world and home to the purest Ligurian bees on Earth. Renowned for their gentle nature, they were brought to the island in the 1800's, protected by a special act of parliament in 1885 and have been fortunate to avoid most of the diseases and contaminants that have affected other bees around the world. 

This particular variety of honey was collected by the bees in 2019 from flowering gum trees called Eucalyptus Remota that only grow in one location on the planet: the western end of Kangaroo Island. But if that wasn't special enough, nearly all these trees were destroyed by the bushfires on the island in 2020 and will now take up to 7 years to fully regenerate. 

You won't find this honey in a single supermarket, or store, anywhere in the world. There is simply not enough to go around. The limited quantity of jars have been hand packed on Kangaroo Island and they are only available in 300 gram numbered jars from one website, ours. 

As you can imagine, this honey has an authentic, pure, beautiful flavour. But taste isn't the only benefit provided by these unique bees. They also make propolis, a natural substance shown in University of Sydney research to be effective in the treatment of human cancer cells. Further investigation is being undertake to determine the therapeutic benefits. 

This honey is a rare and special treat, to be enjoyed, shared, or sent as a unique gift to friends and family around the world. Or you may choose to just keep it. Honey is the only food that doesn't need or have an expiry date. Edible honey was found in the Egyptian tombs. 

So, while honey lasts forever, this one will disappear very quickly.