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Frequently asked questions

There are some counties we can ship to. If you're located outside of Australia, please send us an email or phone us on +61 885530080

Our honey is raw and therefore will go through a process called crystallisation, where the honey will become thick and have sugar crystals present.

If your honey has become crystallised, you are still able to eat your crystallised honey, or warm it in gently in a bowl of hot water to bring it back to it's runny state.

When doing this, make sure the lid is on tight to prevent any water from entering your jar of honey.

Raw honey is honey that has come straight from the hive, exactly how the bees made it. We do not heat our pure honey over 40°C which means the natural aromas, colours, and tastes shine through in every single one of our jars.

By choosing not to heat our honey higher than 40°C, we do not lose any of the honey's natural properties that offer us powerful health benefits.