Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey

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Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey
Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey
Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey
Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey
Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey
Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey

Eucalyptus Cosmophylla Honey

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Kangaroo Island is the oldest bee sanctuary in the world and is home to the purest strain of Ligurian Honey Bee. 

Eucalyptus Cosmophylla is one of our rare honeys that you will not find in any shops or supermarkets anywhere in the world. 

Endemic to South Australia, Eucalyptus Cosmophylla only produces the abundance of nectar rich flowers the bees need for honey every 3-4 years. Collected on the north coast of Kangaroo Island, an accidental blending with a small batch of the ultra rare Karkalla honey during the extraction process created this unique combination of flavours that will not be repeated. 

Chefs that have tried it love the complex flavour profile, but it's not your everyday honey. 

This honey has a sweet, butterscotch base that evolves into a lingering, green vegetal bitterness with notes of stems and fruit peel. This honey would be perfect drizzled over vintage cheddar on fresh green apple slices.




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For this reason we are unable to send honey to Western Australia or the Northern Territory.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wolf Sommer
First time trier

Will back up for more
Love all the descriptions and commentary
Have been to KI twice and can’t believe I didn’t come across it

Ian Bezer

Purchased a gift- yet to be given- Ian Bezer

Muriel Brokate

very pleased with prompt delivery of the honey. We both really enjoy the wonderful taste

Robert Johnson
Honey lover

I love the taste, very mild and matches the notes. However on you advise I’ve left a jar in the sun for two days 90% of the crystals have dissolved but still has a slight sugary taste
Regards Bob

Jane Koehne
Honey - this is beautiful !!

Absolutely beautiful and smooth honey - the taste was gorgeous! Just use a spoon and eat straight from the jar.